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Communion with God

Communion With God (Puritan Paperbacks: Treasures of John Owen for Today\'s Readers)If someone today wrote a book titled Communion with God, it would likely have the subtitle “How you too can in five easy steps feel as close to God as I do!!!” Fortunately, we get much, much more from John Owen in this brilliant book.

The word communion means a sharing through a relationship. Owen explains that “our communion with God lies in his giving himself to us and our giving ourselves and all that he requires to him…resting in him as the utmost fulfilment of all our desires.” Owen teaches the foundation and nature of our relationship with God, what God gives to us to receive and what we can in turn give to God, and how we can draw closer to God through understanding our communion with Him. This is an extended Scriptural exposition on the subject (sorry, no trite story illustrations), packed with hundreds of Scripture references on almost every page.

Owen has separate sections on the nature of communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He notes that the primary way we commune with the Father is through love: “It is God’s will that he should always be seen as gentle, kind, tender, loving and unchangeable. It is his will that we see him as the Father, and the great fountain and reservoir of all grace and love.”

The bulk of the book concerns itself with our communion with Christ in grace. There are separate chapters on the glories and excellencies of Christ, the wisdom and knowledge of Christ, the purchased nature of our grace in Christ, acceptance with God, holiness, and the privileges we have through Christ’s grace.

Owen next deals with the Holy Spirit, first explaining the foundation of our communion (the Spirit’s being sent as Comforter and Helper by Christ), and then going on to the work of the Spirit in our lives such as to bring us the remembrance of Christ’s words, to glorify Christ, to pour God’s love into our hearts, to bear witness in our heart, to seal us, to annoint us, and to be the deposit in our hearts of things to come. He ends the book with how to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit, contrasting that rich relationship with the false comfort of people without Christ.

Communion with God is a book you will underline and mark and meditate on, and hopefully come back to again and again to refresh your heart and mind on the nature and glory of our blessed communion with the Trinity.

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