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Only One Life

I drove past a dead man on Sunday, and didn’t know it.

So did thousands of others traveling on I-26.

35 year old Mark Keesecker and his car were a few feet away from me as I sped past, lying in a creek at the bottom of a steep embankment, unknown to anyone until the wreck was discovered Monday.

His friends who were laughing and having a good time with him Friday night never dreamed it would be the last time.

Life is short.  Very short.

I can’t help but think of the plaque that John Piper talks about, that hung in his house as he was growing up:

Only one life, will soon be past; Only what’s done for Christ will last.

Mark’s grieving friends and family aren’t thinking about his realtor awards, or his house or his car.  Thankfully, they can remember how he loved Christ and how he strove to serve Him and be a light wherever he went.

It’s so easy to pass over Christ’s story of the rich man in Luke 12:13-21 and say, “That sure doesn’t apply to me, I’m going to church, I’m sure that I’m ”rich toward God.”"

I think a better response would be to get on our knees and pray, “God, show me where I am treasuring the things of this life more than You.  Show me where I am not pouring my life out for Your Kingdom.  Please, through Your grace, don’t let me waste my life.”

Stephen Covey has said that you should make your goals and plans for your life based on what you want overheard at your funeral.  What do you want heard at your funeral?  You only have one life, it will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.  You don’t have a guarantee of tomorrow.  How are you going to live today for Christ?

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  • This is a very thouching article. I was a friend of Mark K. and still he passes through my thoughts every day. Its been three years in march when God took him and heaven got a special treasure on that day. I met Mark when I was only 18 now i’m 33 we shared alot of great memories together. I remeber how devoted to God he was. Mark and his nanny would drive all the way to church in N.C. I remember one time I was talking to Mark and he was telling me about the drive home and how his nanny would give him cinnamon candy. I know Mark is better of then any of us right now, but it doesn’t help me think of what all of us lost. Ihave never met anyone like Mark the best person I’ve ever met. He never talked about no one, had respect for others and always smiling, actually Mark was to good for this world. I’ve loved Mark since the first time I met him he was always their when i needed him. I now he loved his family very much and terry his best friend. Mark I love you very much and when I get to heaven look for me.

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