About the Journey...

The journey of our life.  And the most important part of our journey is not the path of career or possessions or place, but the journey of our soul.

The journey is important.

How we walk on our path, how we understand ourselves and grow, how we connect with others and with God, and how we interpret and react to all our experiences, will define all that we are, and how our footsteps will echo for eternity.

We all need light.

All of us need light along our journey.  To see the path more clearly.  To make our steps more sure and more joyful.

That’s what this site is all about.

Hi. I’m John.

I dream explore ponder savor expand learn think write share teach guide inspire encourage laugh & love all on this beautiful journey we call life..

I started this website to help people using my gifts & passions.  Here you’ll find hundreds of resources to help give you light along your journey.    Essays and thoughts on living the spiritual life.  Reviews of books that have deeply impacted me.  Scripture studies to help illuminate the truths of the Christian Bible. Plus an assortment of other resources such as web site and other media reviews, prayers, and a few jokes thrown in to lighten the load.

More about me:

–In my prime I could “cube” in under two minutes
–I wrote for a national computing magazine before I graduated from high school
–I’ve walked in -80 degree wind chill
–I own over a dozen yo-yos & an exact replica of Tom Baker’s famous scarf.

Email me at john @ lightalongthejourney.com