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Are You Wired for Makeup or for Beer?

beer marriage

Well, the above image from his web site is probably just one more reason why Douglas Wilson will never be allowed a leadership position in the Southern Baptist Convention (not that he would ever want one, that is).

But I digress; this post is supposed to be about differences in perspective.  I have shown the above image to quite a few committed Christian men (most of whom don’t drink, by the way) and all of them hysterically laugh.

Why is that?  A disdain for makeup?  A fondness for intoxication?

No, of course not, makeup and beer are only comic “placeholders” that represent what is really funny:

  1. Men and women truly have very different “wiring”— the way they see life, what is important, and how to achieve it.
  2. We often don’t realize how different our wiring is in an individual situation even if we acknowledge our differences in a global, generic sort of way.
  3. We have a tendency to re-interpret our spouses’ perspective in the light of our own (“that’s what the beer is for”)
  4. Doing that often lands us in big trouble, sometimes without us even realizing it.

Bottom line for today: YOUR SPOUSE IS NOT YOU!  Now hit the beat, and let’s be careful out there.

Piety vs. Pietism

Douglas Wilson has a short but insightful post that makes clear the difference.  Piety needs to be the aim of every follower of Christ, but pietism is a deadly trap.  Here is an excerpt:

Pietist homes may have rejected all kinds of things—cards, movies, slang, spicy foods, fiction, and all the rest of it, but these same homes are filled with anger, self-importance, lust, and ungodly abuse. Pietism is a white-washed tomb.

What about your home?  Is it marked by piety, pietism, or neither?  Read the whole post here.

What if I don’t feel like worshipping?

Douglas Wilson always has something interesting to say, but this blog post really hit me like a 2×4. Although simple, he so eloquently states that it is when we don’t “feel” like worshiping that we must, and in a mighty way, for it is God’s command to us:

God wants you to hear His Word. He requires you to worship Him, singing with a full heart before Him. He has declared that you are to gather with other grateful saints in order to overflow. And in a great gospel paradox, the more you overflow, the more you are filled. Like the widow’s cruse of oil at Elijah’s word, the more you are poured out the more full you get.

Conversely, when you seek to “worship” with the thought of what is in it for you, the more hollow, empty and wretched you become. Are you wretched? Then turn away to worship God through Christ. Are you hollow? Then consider why. Turn to God, worship Him, bow down before Him, praise and adore Him, and give Him the name that is above every name — and especially above your little name. Your name is a wisp of fog, and the name of God fills heaven and earth. When you worship His name, through the name of Jesus Christ, His name fills you, and overflows. And nothing else can.

When the Reformed Speak in Tongues…

For this week’s edition of Friday Funnies a big hat tip to Douglas Wilson for the following cartoon:

When the Reformed Speak in Tongues…

In the past, I wasn’t always sure when Doug was being serious and when he wasn’t.

Wait, I still don’t.

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Have a good laugh and a great weekend.