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“I laughed, I cried, I kissed ten bucks goodbye…”

Well, ok, that title isn’t 100% accurate— I actually only laughed through this book.

If you’re not familiar with Jon Acuff, he is a wildly popular blogger who has built a reputation out of being able to see what’s comical about this crazy business called evangelical Christianity.

Never sarcastic, never bitter, cynical or critical, but playfully and affectionately he pokes fun at all of our little idiosyncracies in dozens of short essays with titles like “Ranking Honeymoon Sex Slightly Higher than the Second Coming of Christ” “Watching R Rated Movies… But Only If They’re Violent” “Being Slightly Offended that the Pastor Has a Nicer Car Than You Do” “Feeling Slightly Disappointed When Someone Accepts Our Fake Offer of Generosity”…. ok, I could go on an on and on here, just like Jon does… this guy is scary good about mixing up social commentary, hip pop culture references, and humor in a no holds barred cage match of a book.

“Seriously, why would I hire a full-time youth minister when I can get a real working traffic light for only $378?”

“I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, but if I ever do, I want to be honest with you. I’m going to name-drop God.”

“Christianity needs to be more relevant… How can I witness to someone about the love of Christ if I can’t hang in a conversation about Family Guy?”

But what I liked most about the book is the last collection of essays, which were the “serious ones.” Jon proves that he thinks deeply and sincerely about what it means to walk with Christ in a fallen world. In the last essay of the book, he concludes that the message of Christianity is that we are sick, but we are loved, and that we must embrace both. And I think humor helps us to do that. So let’s be sick, and let’s be loved, and let’s have a few good laughs along the way.

Sweet Christian Unity

Yes, I know this is incredibly lame, I’m just passing on what was told to me:


Did you hear the early Christians used to drive Hondas?



What? Haven’t you read in Acts 1:14 where they were all in one Accord?

Presbyterian Jedi




Personally, I think this explains a lot of why Anakin started down the path of the dark side of covenant theology and paedobaptism.

(Ok, actually this is a screen shot of a Chinese bootleg copy of Episode III where Anakin’s words “I was just appointed by the Jedi Council” were translated into Chinese and then re-translated into English for subtitles and this is what you ended up with)

But then again, it makes about as much sense as some modern Bible translations…

Being a Man is not so tough…

Based on an actual conversation I had yesterday!

Just remember guys:

“Live with your wives in an understanding way…” (1 Peter 3:7)

Dog vs. Cat Theology


dog by bondseye via flickr 

He feeds me. He provides for me. He loves me. He must be God. 

cat by steffe via flickr

He feeds me. He provides for me. He loves me. I must be God.

I Just Want the Instruction Manual…

for this…

Visitation Vexation

A new pastor was visiting in the homes of his parishioners. At one house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door. Therefore, he took out a business card and wrote “Revelation 3:20″ on the back of it and stuck it in the door. When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, “Genesis 3:10.” Reaching for his Bible to check out the citation, he broke up in gales of laughter. Revelation 3:20 begins “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” Genesis 3:10 reads, “I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked.”

When Bad Pharmacology Collides with Bad Theology

Ok, maybe it’s just because I’m a professional physician, amateur theologian, & dry humor afficiando, but this satirical news story made me laugh.

What I Learned From a Stand-Up Comic

Last night I saw a very funny guy named Steve Rizzo. So what can you learn from a stand-up comic from Brooklyn?  A lot, actually.  In between snappy one-liners, he talked about the necessity of humor and laughter in life, about how it not only brings happiness for the moment, but also allows us to refocus our attitude and gives us strength to face the tough things in life.

As I thought about laughter and humor, the more I realized that just like music and friendship and “the runner’s high” and admiring nature and chocolate and a dozen other things, laughter is something that is part of being human, something that God created for us and hard-wired within us from the beginning and pronounced “good.”  All of the medical and psychological research about the beneficial effects of humor simply confirm what any child could tell you:  it’s good to laugh.

Yes, I know that our highest joy and fulfillment and peace come from our communion with Christ, but what we should not overlook or downplay in our theological correctness is that God has blessed us with the ability to laugh and intends for us to fully enjoy that blessing.

Specifically, Mr. Rizzo encouraged his audience to do three life-changing things every morning as they started their day, three things that I thought were insightful and transformative:

Find Something to Laugh at:  Start out your day with something that genuinely brings a smile to your lips.  And I would add to genuinely look forward to it— before you go to sleep at night think, “Tomorrow I’m going to laugh at something.”  Maybe buy a joke calendar or go to a website each morning, whatever works for you.  Just start the day laughing— go ahead, read that blonde joke, what have you got to lose, bub?

Find Something to be Grateful for:  And I again would add genuinely and with expectation.  The Psalms are filled with dwelling on the wonderful blessings of God in our lives.  To focus our spiritual sight on something that God has blessed us with, to spend some time meditating on that blessing, and then turning that back upward into a prayer of thanksgiving to God, only takes a minute, but gives great glory to God and great benefit to us.

Find Something to do for Someone Else:  This is throughout the teachings of our Lord, to sacrificially love and serve each other in Christ’s name. And I think what often trips us up is thinking that working in the Kingdom of God is just the “big” stuff, like becoming a missionary or taking another task or position of prominence in your church.  It is the small, everyday stuff, the “giving a cup of cold water” in Christ’s name that everyone can do for someone everyday. If we focus our minds and wills and emotions on the wonderful purposes of the Kingdom of God and how we can daily play our part to love and serve others, it will transform both our inner life, our outer life, and the lives of many others.

TomInTheBox News Network

There’s a new blog devoted to really funny satire on contemporary Christianity.  From denying that Greece exists to Calvinism internet blocking software you’ll find alot to laugh at on the TomInTheBox News Network!