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In The Lord of the Rings, Narsil was a sword created for great adventure and battle in the hand of a king, but was shattered by a dark enemy. All thought that its beauty and strength and been destroyed. But all was not lost: it was reforged and given a new name, Anduril, given back strength and beauty and destiny in the hand of a new king.

I see a little bit of a parallel with the human heart. Created by God for His service and glory, but that pristine strength & beauty & destiny was shattered by the enemy’s deceit & our rebellion at the fall. But God, not content to see His work unmade to destruction, through the miracle of regeneration has reforged the hearts of His children in the fire of Christ’s atoning sacrifice, and given us all a new name (Revelation 2:17). Look into your heart—do you see a blade reforged? If so, then rejoice and put yourself into the trusted hand of your Lord. If not, then seek out the only One who can reforge you, for you cannot do it yourself.

The Lord of the Kingdom



I usually don’t write reviews of blogs, but The Lord of the Kingdom isn’t your typical blog.  It is an expanding series of articles and resources exploring the spiritual aspects and implications of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe.  There are posts dealing with both the original trilogy, Tolkien’s additional writings such as The Silmarillion, as well as the movie adaptations of Peter Jackson.

Mike covers a lot of ground, from book reviews to reflections on Gandalf’s wisdom to parallels between Tolkien’s story and our redemptive history.  He also has perhaps the only Tolkien-themed blogroll on the planet!

The Lord of the Kingdom is consistently engaging, thought-provoking reading for any fan of Tolkien’s works.  Thanks, Mike.