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Rest in Productivity

Last night I finished polishing a theology posting right before bed, and as I looked at it I thought, “Yes, that’s about how I want it.  That went well.”  Although I didn’t consciously think about it, I had a sense of rest, peace, that I could lay my head down and sleep sweetly, for I had accomplished what I had wanted that day for the Kingdom.

The next morning I was reading the t4G blog and came across this post, where someone asked John Piper how he found rest:

At one point the conversation turned to our busy schedules.  One person exhorted another about the importance of rest.  It was then that John Piper quietly commented “I find productivity restful for my soul.” 

Yes, after 42 years I am beginning to understand that.  There is a rest of soul that comes from knowing you are in God’s will, that you have accomplished what God has called you to, there is rest in productivity in faithfulness for the Kingdom.