Music Review: Sarah Reeves Sweet Sweet Sound

The debut album from this nineteen year old worship leader is aptly named, for she does have a sweet, sweet sound.  This CD has only six song tracks, but each one is a gem.  The first track “Fresh Anointing” is a fitting intro, for it expresses her heart of what she wants for the album and for he church. The next track “Awaken” has a spirit akin to Keith Green’s old classic “Asleep in the Light” in that they both are trying to awaken the church. Her lyrics are gentle yet still pack a punch:

We who walk the broke ground
Who stand and who fall down again
Who just want to live
And we who wander in a dream
Who look but can’t see through the night
Sleeping in the light
We wait for You who spoke the morning

The title track “Sweet Sweet Sound” is a powerful worship anthem which is easy to sing, pray, and cry out to God with– truly stellar. Next comes “Come, Save” which Sarah says is a cry from her heart based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, but I think about Romans 8:19-23 when I hear the deep, soulful lyrics. ”Let Us Rise” is an up-tempo call to live a life of action, while the last track “My Savior” connects Peter’s experience with Jesus on the seas with our relationship with Him.

All in all, this is a tremendous debut album with deep lyrics and a sweet voice coming from someone who seems to be the real deal. I love this album and am looking forward to her future releases.

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