Enjoying Life

I am beginning to realize that God gave us this life to enjoy.

The problem is, we often don’t know how to enjoy it properly.

Sometimes we try to wrestle it to the ground and try to force it to give us exactly what we want (as if we could ever know what would really make us happy or ever could get life to bend to our feeble misdirected will).

Sometimes we try to suck it dry, trying to wring every last drop of pleasure from it, as if experiencing pleasure was the only way to enjoy life.

And sometimes we decide that life has forever cheated us of joy, and so we spend our days wailing our private (or public) laments of how life has mistreated us.  I have erred greatly in all three of these ways– wrestling, wringing, & wailing.

Instead, the path to enjoying life is rather like walking along a beach, which I happened to do today.  Enjoying life walking along a beach requires no grasping or striving. You just need to open your eyes, and there joy will be, moment by moment.

As I pen these words I am sitting under a beach umbrella, listening to the sounds of my children laughing and the waves crashing along the shore.  I look at my family and feel the wind gently patting my cheek. This is the way to enjoy life, and this is as God intended it to be.

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  • TX Crawford

    Thanks John. How true you are and how very timely for this post. As you know, I sit here in the hospital instead of the cabin on vacation. I’m thankful that we just got a scare and we do have more time to Enjoy Life together….. and we shall do just that.

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