Book Review: The Jesus You Can’t Ignore

How do you handle people you disagree with?

An honest answer would be “it depends.” If it’s a trivial issue, then often you ignore it. Othertimes you negotiate, or acquiesce. We often hear that the wisest and most productive path is to find common ground, to engage, to dialogue, to fully understand the other person so that they will try to fully understand you.

But what do you do when the issue concerns God, concerns worldview or religion? Many Christians would say the path of gentle dialogue is not only the most productive but is certainly the most loving, considerate, and “Christian” approach.

But in The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, John MacArthur literally asks, “What did Jesus do?” How did Christ actually interact with people and religious leaders who differed from Him? Did He choose dialogue, discourse, & common ground? How did Christ handle the touchy, thorny areas?

In The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, MacArthur examines the Biblical record carefully & exhaustively, & concludes that Christ did exactly the opposite: He chose bold confrontation of theological error; He went out of his way to expose hypocrisy; He deliberately provoked the wrath of leaders who would not acknowledge His truth claims.

This book is classic MacArthur: readable, well-structured, on-target, and full of sound Biblical exposition. However, I don’t think I enjoyed or benefited from it as much as some of his previous works, just because I didn’t need 200 pages to convince me that theological error can’t be molly-coddled. For most people, I think a single article would have been all they needed to read on this subject, but having an entire book that is solidly written is still a welcome addition to my library.

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