Media Review: Centering Prayer

To be able to enter into a transformative relationship with an infinite being, to commune with Him, to hear & be heard– prayer is an incredible gift that God bestows on us.

Prayer is something we can all learn more about as we walk with God. Unfortunately, this video course on “Centering Prayer” is full of statements that blatantly contradict the teachings of the Christian Bible. I’ll share just a few direct quotes:

“We need to be free to serve the needs of the universe”— the last time I checked “the universe” doesn’t have needs. God created the universe to glorify HIM. This is logically on par with saying that I need to be free to serve the needs of my toaster.

“God doesn’t judge us, the beauty of our own soul judges us”— there are so many dozens of passages in the Bible showing God as judge I won’t even bother to elaborate on how wrong this statement is.

“Entering into God’s emptiness”— God is infinite, He is the most FULL being imaginable, it is absolutely bizarre to even use emptiness & God in the same sentence.

Walk with God, and spend focused time with Him daily in prayer. Just don’t use this video to guide you.

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