Media Review: Combating the Commandment of Confusion

Ten years ago, my six year old loved Bibleman, and so did I. Willie Aames and company did a great job in whipping up a series of funny DVDs that taught some practical Biblical wisdom with enough chuckles to “make the medicine go down” easily. We bought the DVDs, watched them over and over, bought the costume, even went to a live stage show.

So even though my kids are older now, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Bibleman character. Consequently, I got a review copy of one of the newer episodes, Combating the Commandment of Confusion, and watched it with my eleven year old son.

I could not have been more disappointed.

First, it was a poorly-done recording of a live stage show in a church. Lighting, audio, costumes, & cinematography were all sub-standard, bordering on amateur. Second, the story itself was banal: no plot, no intelligence, and none of the old wit & charm of the old series. Within a few minutes my son was pleading to watch something else, and I had to force myself to finish out the DVD. My recommendation: find one of the old series instead.

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  • We just reviewed this DVD as well and agree with you. My husband and I were surprised to see the lip synching way off but even after we pointed out to our children they didn’t catch it. I guess that’s why it’s made for children and not adults. :o )

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