Don’t Wait Too Long

In the episode A Christmas Carol of the British science-fiction drama Doctor Who, a young man faces a difficult choice. The woman he loves is dying– in fact, she has only one day left to live. Not being able to bear her death, he puts her into a frozen stasis, putting off her last day of life.

It puts him into a quandary that will rule his life— live without her, or bring her back for one last day only to lose her forever. The years pass as he keeps waiting for the perfect time to bring her back. But the longer he waits, the more difficult making the decision becomes. The longer he waits, the more the fire of love dies down, replaced in his heart by the ice of pessimism & bitterness. The idealistic young man full of life becomes an old miser with a dead soul, all because he kept waiting.

But then fate intervenes– a crisis forces his hand and he has to revive his lover. She looks at him, so changed by the decades they spent apart, and lovingly whispers “I think you waited a little too long, didn’t you?”

Don’t let his story be yours. What decision or action are your putting off, waiting for that perfect moment? Don’t let someone have to look at you one day and say, “I think you waited too long.” Don’t let fear or indecision or procrastination or quest for perfection make you miss out on life. Don’t let the days become months, don’t let the months become years. Don’t let waiting become wasting, & don’t let wasting become dying.

Say those words. Buy that gift. Take that leap. Life is for living, not for waiting. Don’t wait too long.

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