Book Review: Max on Life

Perspective. Wisdom. Guidance. They’re always welcome, and often sorely needed, in each of our lives.

And that’s exactly what Pastor Max Lucado delivers in his new book Max on Life— godly pastoral wisdom and counsel on 170 different topics. Questions that he has been asked over his decades of ministry, ranging from “How can I be sure of my salvation?” to “How can my husband and I agree on spending?”

The questions are grouped under seven topics: hope, hurt, help, him/her, home, haves/have-nots, and hereafter. Each question is succinctly answered in Lucado’s trademark straightforward style in a page or two. At the back of the book is a short addendum with some of his advice to aspiring writers as well.

What shines through each page is how pastoral these answers are. They are not the discourses of one theologian to another, nor are they simply feel-good self-help mantras. They are ordinary answers targeted to ordinary people, gentle, kind, soaked in Biblical wisdom, always looking to God’s love & grace. Even though you probably will think, “Yes, I knew that…” at each answer, Lucado’s way with words will cause you to pause, reflect, and see the truth just a bit more clearly.

I can see this book being used as a devotional, as a gift to a young believer, and as a resource when you need a starting point for counseling or encouraging a friend on a difficult issue. A fine addition to any Christian’s library.

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