How to Dress to Catch Sheep

There is a national self-help guru that has been phenomenonally successful:

  • His first book shot to the top of the best-seller lists, selling over 4 million copies even though Publishers’ Weekly deemed it “overblown and redundant” “shallow” “superficial” and “repetitive.”
  • He has reportedly negotiated a $10 million dollar advance on his next book.
  • He draws over 40,00 people when he gives a motivational talk.
  • His total yearly revenues are over $100 million.
  • and all of this without even graduating from college!


Who is this master?

 No, not Stephen Covey

No, not Dr. Phil

Oh,for crying out loud,

no, no, no, not William Shatner!

No, those glowing stats describe only one man:

Wait, he’s not a self-help guru, he’s a minister.

Oh really?  Analysis from theologians and atheists alike agree that the main thrust of his messages are in the same vein as any other self-help guru.

Here’s the 100 million dollar a year question:

How can he do it better than Dr. Phil?  How can he draw bigger crowds then Stephen Covey?

Because he has dressed like a shepherd in front of sheep.

America is still a nominally religious culture: by and large most Americans still feel good about going to church and “hearing about God.”  It’s a good thing to listen to a minister.  Joel Osteen can sell more books and reach more homes and rake in more money than any other self-help guru in America for one reason:  he isn’t seen as a self-help guru, but as a faithful servant of God.

America is still filled with millions of sheep.  And they are getting fleeced.

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  • Amen. I’ll quit spamming you with comments now, but I’m enjoying your posts. It took a bout of bad food for my son and I to miss worship services this morning, but it may have been worth it with it to find this.

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