Web Watch: wefeelfine.org

wefeelfine.orgFeelings… nothing more than feelings…

Sorry, couldn’t resist that intro to the most unique website I have seen in months: www.wefeelfine.org

This site is a fascinating example of an original idea with brilliant implementation that makes a unique contribution to the internet. The idea? Design software that automatically scans thousands of blogs every day, and populate a database that records the emotions expressed in the blogs, and then convert the data into easily accessible graphics.

Simple. Elegant. Funny. Thought-provoking. Moving. wefeelfine is all that and more. It is a unique window into humanity that is worth your while to peer into.

It is all too easy to get swallowed up into our own egos, problems, and little universe, and not seriously think about billions of other people, laughing, crying, searching, struggling, as they live out their lives. As followers of Christ, we have a mandate to serve and minister to people, and the first step is just to realize there are people out there, whose souls need caring for. Spend some time on the site and take an emotion like “sad” and read down the statements of people around the world. Take an emotion like “happy” and see how often it is based on things that are transitory and superficial. Spend some time thinking that there are people all around us that are living lives that we need to enter, with wisdom and love and humility, to show them Christ.

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