Web Watch: Operation World Online

Operation World Online is an online resource for prayer for the nations and people groups of the world. It is a colloboration between WEC International, a frontier missions planter, and Global Mapping International, which maintains highly detailed demographic data throughout the world for the benefit of missions. It’s genesis began with Patrick Johnstone’s landmark book Operation World, and has now expanded to this online presence, CD-ROM, and other support media.

So, what is it? Operation World divides all the nations and people groups of the world into 365 daily segments, helping you to make missions a daily focus of prayer. Just go to the Pray Today webpage, and there will be detailed information about a nation to pray for, including the area’s religions, missionaries, demographics, and specific requests and answers to prayer. So, what are waiting for? Can you not spare a moment to go to this page and pray for the people of the world? If you are a follower of Christ, you surely can do nothing less.

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