Gutsy Grief

This month’s edition of the devotional magazine Tabletalk is on the topic of grief. Because of the recent tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, Ligonier has put the main articles from this issue on their website here.

All of the articles are superb and tackle different aspects of grief, but the most personal is from R. C. Sproul Jr. simply entitled Hope.  Here is a quote:

Whatever sorrow God calls me to go through, He calls me to go through for the express purpose of remolding me into the image of His Son.  Every cancerous cell growing in my body, every deadly chemical that the nurses pour into my body to fight the cancer, all of it exists to make me more like Jesus.

That is gutsy grief, to be able to personally face tragedy and hardship in your life with a firm resolve to view it through the eyes of faith.  Would we all be able to walk with God thusly.


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