Christian Carnival: Go Go Google Reader Edition

With apologies to Inspector Gadget, here is this week’s edition of the Christian Carnival.  Hey, haven’t you wanted to read all the posts in the Carnival all at once?  I tried doing something like that last year when I hosted using Bloglines but it was a little cumbersome.  What if you could just string together a bunch of posts on a custom built web page???  Well THANK YOU GOOGLE READER, for you can do just that with it’s sharing functionality.  So, if you want to read all the posts(or their summaries) on one page, just CLICK THIS LINK!

For all you other guys, and for the benefit of giving out some linky love, here are all the posts in standard fashion:

First up is not a post contribution, but a note sent to me about another Christian carnival, this one that features Canadian bloggers (yea, there are other Canadian bloggers besides YOU KNOW WHO)!

Next up is John Fooshee, a great guy I know who church plants & blogs making his debut on the Carnival with a discussion of recognizing and using your gifts in the post entitled Playing Your Instrument.

Great Scott, Boy Wonder!!  The Parableman has just written a post named Holy Ambiguity!

Jan at The View from Her has some wise words on the topic of About Not Having Sex.

The Participatory Bible Blog thinks about the nature of “answered” prayer in the post Praying, Being Heard & Not Getting It.

The Evangelical Ecologist talks this week about how God signs His covenants with His creation in the post The Uniqueness of Christian Ecology.

Darren presents Calvin’s Sacramental Theology posted at Historical

Sam Peterson presents an interesting proposal in his post Christmas for the Poor.

Walking Like Peter is this week’s post from Joyce at

Amanda presents Am I really a disciple? posted at Imago Dei.

Martin LaBar at Sun & Shield asks Are Christians Required to be Vegetarians?

Richard H. Anderson presents Language of Election in Luke posted at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos.

Patricia presents Make the Most of Every Moment: Lessons from the Terminal Illness That Wasn’t posted at A Better You Blog.

Bryan McKenzie talks about heresy old and new with his post on Prosperity Theology.

Mark Olson presents Crutches for the Crippled Christians posted at Pseudo-Polymath.

Bev Schweigert presents Mary Listens, Martha Labors posted at Glory In The Cross.Finally, I will chip in with another post from my long term project of blogging my way chapter by chapter through John Piper’s book Future Grace with my post Grace and Obedience.

Please doublecheck the hyperlinks of your entry— I want everyone to be able to read everyone else.  If I skipped any entries or made any mistakes just shoot me an email and I will correct it promptly.  Have a great week!

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