Family Christmas Letter 2007

The morning after Thanksgiving is my day to take the family Christmas tree out of the box, assemble it, arrange the strings of lights and hang all the ornaments. But not this year! I didn’t do any of my annual ritual. Instead, two young men ages 14 & 9 and a young women age 11 did it all. Gail & I wondered, “Where have our `children’ gone?”

IMG_2386Andrew is in the 8th grade. Hard to believe he’s only one year away from driving! He ditched his glasses for contacts this year, and is getting more interested in drawing, art, and writing. Fortunately for him (and for his parents) he isn’t interested in girls yet, but I know it isn’t far away.

Michael & LilyLily in 5th grade passed Gail up this year in height, and fully relished that achievement. She is doing great in braces, and still loves volleyball and soccer. I am still dumbfounded as to how my chubby-faced toddler has transformed into a stunningly beautiful young woman.

IMG_1060_3Michael in 3rd grade has become a Discovery Channel junkie— he loves to learn about everything. He played baseball and soccer this year and is taking piano. And yes, he’s just as full of life as the photos portray!

Gail (along with the rest of us!) enjoyed a week in the lap of luxury when we took a Disney cruise this Spring. Our favorite experiences were:

  • Gail: beautiful beaches
  • Andrew: unlimited food
  • Lily: seeing the Caribbean & meeting people
  • Michael: ping-pong with Dad
  • John: sending out “I’m here, you’re not!” emails

God continues to bless me (John) way beyond what I deserve. I have a wonderful family that fills me with joy, a thriving medical practice that allows me to help many people every year, and continued opportunities to teach & write & author my website.

Life really is a journey, a journey of learning each day how to live and love. I am so thankful that through the birth & life and death of Christ it is a never-ending journey with God as both its source and goal. May the coming year be filled with love & laughter as we journey together with good friends and a good God.

Merry Christmas from the Hollandsworths!

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