Twittering with God

One internet fad I have yet to embrace is Twitter. “Twitter” is a means of people keeping up with other people are doing constantly through the day, by means of people who live their lives attached to the internet and/or mobile phone constantly typing short 1 or 2 sentence updates on what they are doing and then also looking at everyone else’s short updates.

This morning my brain made one of its many odd connections: twittering and 1 Thessalonians 5:17— “pray without ceasing.” Many have talked about what Paul meant by that phrase— conversational prayer, always having an attitude of prayer, practicing the presence of God. It all comes down in some form that Paul encourages us to constantly throughout the day be giving God short little updates:

7:17 ”Stuck in traffic, I really need to get to work on time, help me be patient”

8:20 “Meeting with my manager, help me be calm.”

10:30 “Found out my friend’s Mom is sick, please help her.”

12:00 “Chocolate cake on the buffet, I need strength to say no.”

We’re twittering with God! And on the flip side, we need to be listening to His twitters back:

6:45 “Take a few minutes, spend some time with me before you jump in the car”

7:18 “I am with you, you will get to work.”

10:25 “Look across at your coworker, she looks troubled, go talk to her.”

11:30 “Remember, I love you.”

Catching on? Then go for it today, be mindful of God, talk to Him, listen, and “twitter” away!

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