You & You Alone

I’ve come up with my own criteria for judging media: “Does it create a space that allows me to know God better?” Duke Ellington reportedly had has own criteria: “If it sounds good, it is good.”

Fortunately, You and You Alone meets the grade on either criteria. This latest CD from Sovereign Grace Music’s Overflow project is the work of Pat & Joel Szebel. On the CD there are ten songs of both slow and medium tempo worship. There are also guitar and lead sheets on the CD.

Each song is simple, heartfelt, and Biblically true. The melodies and lyrics are well-suited for both personal, small-group, and corporate worship. I also appreciate that I know this CD is simply “the overflow” of a local church’s walk with God, and not just one more project for a corporate machine to peddle and try to make a profit on.

You and You Alone is a welcome addition to my worship CD collection, and I think it would be welcome in your home and church as well. You can click on the CD cover to take you to Sovereign Grace’s site, with sound samples and more information. I received my copy of this CD from Pat & Joel Szebel to review.

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