Conformed to His Image

Conformed to His Image



Yesterday I reviewed Kenneth Boa’s excellent website, so I thought it appropriate today to review his magnum opus book Conformed to His Image.  I had been frustrated for years with many books on spiritual growth & formation, because almost invariably they suffer from tunnel vision, seeing only one particular part of the whole spectrum of spiritual formation to the exclusion of the rest.  Another common shortcoming is that many are strong in “touchy feel-good stuff” and short on solid doctrine. 

I had searched for years in vain for a comprehensive evaluation of all the philosophies and methods used over the millenia of Christianity that had a solid doctrinal footing until…I found this 500 page hunk of theological goodness!!  In this seminary level textbook Boa masterfully summarizes and categorizes a broad spectrum of spiritual growth and development pathways into 12 major areas or facets:

  • Relational Spirituality: Loving God completely, Ourselves Correctly, and Others Compassionately
  • Paradigm Spirituality:  Cultivating an Eternal vs. a Temporal Perspective
  • Disciplined Spirituality:  Engaging in the Historic Disciplines
  • Exchanged Life Spirituality:  Grasping Our True Identity in Christ
  • Motivated Spirituality:  A Set of Biblical Incentives
  • Devotional Spirituality:  Falling in Love with God
  • Holistic Spirituality:  Every Component of Life under the Lordship of Christ
  • Process Spirituality:  Process vs. Product, Being vs. Doing
  • Spirit-Filled Spirituality:  Walking in the Power of the Spirit
  • Warfare Spirituality:  The World, the Flesh, and the Devil
  • Nurturing Spirituality:  A Lifestyle of Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Corporate Spirituality:  Encouragement, Accountability, and Worship

From the introductory chapter:

The spiritual life is an all-encompassing, lifelong response to God’s gracious initiatives in the lives of those whose trust is centered in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Biblical spirituality is a Christ-centered orientation to every component of life through the mediating power of the Holy Spirit.

I have underlined and marked in almost every page of this tremedous book.  This volume is without equal; it has my highest recommendation.

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