What Masterpiece Are You Creating Today?

In the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus, Richard Dreyfuss plays Glenn Holland, a man who throughout his life dreams of someday creating his opus, his masterpiece work of music. However, the inconveniences and struggles of “ordinary” life as a high school music teacher, husband, and father always seem to be getting in the way of his creative work.

He learns a great lesson at the end of the movie: that the masterpiece that he was destined to create wasn’t contained on a musical score sheet at all, but within the lives of the students that he taught each day. They were his opus, the masterpiece that he was creating every day.

When we watch a movie like that, we say, “Of course! It is the everyday connections, the everday ordinary interactions that make up a worthwhile life.” But what we should be asking is, “Am I really living that truth today?”

Today, you are an artist. Whether you realize it or not, you are creating, painting, & sculpting today. You are creating something today with each smile (or scowl) at someone walking down the street. Every kind or harsh word, every touch, every minute spent with another human being will be an artistic creation in the life of that person.

Today, what kind of artist are you aspiring to be, what kind of masterpiece are you creating? Are you blindly splashing paint, or are you consciously crafting beauty? It doesn’t take long hours or years of training to create a work of beauty in the life of another— often all it takes is a heart of love and a few moments of your time.

Today, each moment you spend can be a work of beauty if you will just view it as such. You can create tremendous healing & joy & beauty in both your life & the lives of people you touch if you see yourself as that artist.  Give of yourself and create a masterpiece of beauty in the life of another today.

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