Family Christmas Letter 2008

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is upon us once again… life seems more frenzied, more frantic all the time. And yet… we all need time set apart, time to rest, time to remember what makes life worth living. I’ve decided to make this Advent a time to joyfully remember our family’s blessings, and to share them with our friends…

Gail thoroughly enjoyed our second Disney cruise this year, as well as spending a week at the beach with the kids. Her extra special blessing is looking forward to spending her first Christmas at Disney World this year.

Andrew at 15 was blessed to get a learner’s permit this fall (although Mom & Dad think it’s a mixed blessing at best!). He also had a tremendous time at a 3 week leadership training experience at a local Christian camp, went to an art camp, & did cross-country at school this fall.

Our 12 year old Lily loved being a tween on a Disney cruise (especially swimming with dolphins), as well as her week at the beach and at camp. She also made the volleyball team at school and is playing in a local league this winter.

Still youngest at 10, Michael remembers all the great times he had on the cruise, as well as going to summer camp, baseball, soccer, school, & tons of other stuff.

I’ve had an incredibly blessed year. Every day I am blessed to be a physician and make a difference in people’s lives. It is such a joy to be a father and see the kids grow up, and Gail & I had a wonderful getaway in Charleston, S.C. this June. Most of all, I’m so blessed to have Christ in my life, and so thankful for His love & leading.

Of course, writing this letter means that we have the blessing of friends to share with, and we thank God for your friendship through the years. Have a very merry Christmas from the Hollandsworths!

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